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Eleonora P.

Wedding & Event Planner

In love with love. This is how I managed to merge my great passion with my work. Born in Rome, I studied engineering at university, but I soon developed a passion for event organisation and immediately decided to make it my career. In the months leading up to the organisation of an event, I continually update myself on the trends that characterise the wedding system, so as to be able to offer couples an ad hoc wedding.
What characterises me most is my curiosity and dynamism, which have always pushed me to live new experiences. I love travelling, coming into contact with different cultures and meeting new people; whether by the sea, in the mountains or in the city, for me, travel is a source of maximum inspiration.
For me, however, the experience doesn't stop at travel alone but concerns many spheres, especially culinary. As a mum who is a chef and a dad who makes wine, food has always been part of my life, I love discovering new restaurants and tasting food from other cultures, I believe it is one of the highest forms of sharing and love. My goal is always to pass on to my customers the inspiration I draw every day from my passions.

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