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Rebecca M.

Lifestyle & Shopping Expert

Hi! My name is Rebecca. I am a designer by trade, adventurer at heart. I have been designing for 11 years and living abroad for 8. I attempt to live a life enriched by experience not materials. So when I buy anything, I do so consciously. I know what to look for, especially when it comes to textiles. I have been working intimately with the minority women in the north of Vietnam for 5 years and understand the nuances of their culture and their dedication to their craft. While my passion lies with textiles I still feel it is important to purchase products from locals, whether it’s pottery, bamboo or jewelry. In buying products from the local minorities you help preserve an ancient craft that has often been passed down through the generations. Unfortunately, with the advent of mass production and cheap labor most of these crafts are in danger of extinction. I will be ensuring the quality of all workshops we will be hosting as well as help to clarify and answer any questions. With our workshops you can catch a glimpse of Vietnamese culture whilst experiencing it for yourself. Let me show you the amazing world of traditionally crafted goods.

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