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Anna C.

Make-Up Artist

When I was a child, my mother often told me how my kindergarten teacher stopped her in the street and told her that one day I would be able to do any kind of artistic work.
It's only now that I realise that my many passions: from music to painting, from food to photography require a great sense of artistry and, above all, aesthetics.
This is why the world of make-up became my great love at first and then turned into a full-time job, which takes me heart and soul and through which I can convey happiness to people.
In my work I always rely on products of undisputed quality that I personally test first to offer my clients only the best. My innate curiosity also pushes me to continuously experiment with new products and new make-up solutions.

I have a diploma in make-up from the Studio 13 make-up academy. After graduating, I decided to leave to put into practice the knowledge that the school had given me. I then worked in the UK in London from 2010 to 2011 in close contact with the staff of stylist Daniela Bianchi.
Since then I have been working with various fashion and entertainment companies (Miss Italia and Elite Model Look), as well as contributing to the production of video clips, photo shoots, short films and fiction. I collaborate with graphic studios and photographers in the creation of books, reels and various types of advertising.

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