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Teson W.

Trekking Expert

I grew up in a small rural village not far from Bukit Lawang, on the edge of the Gunung Leuser National

After school I always helped my family on their farm; collecting rubber and palm fruits. I learned all about agriculture and different plants and their uses. I knew from a young age that I wanted something different for my life and didn’t want to stay working with palm oil like the rest of my community. I worked hard to learn English, and travelled Sumatra working in various positions within the tourist industry. Finally I settled back in Bukit Lawang and became a certified jungle trekking guide, working for over five years providing trekking and tours around North Sumatra.
I care deeply about my country and its future and, after I met my fiancée, Ellie, we decided to create something that could give back to this wonderful community. A big part of my business vision is to support those who are less fortunate, and educate people how to care for the local environment and the preservation the wildlife of Sumatra.

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