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Giorgia K.

Fashion Consultant & Remote Shopper

Born in Greece and inspired by its diverse historical and cultural references, I established my base in Milan long ago. From a city where design is blended with fashion in the most extraordinary and innovative way imaginable, I have been providing tailor-made services as a fashion consultant and remote shopper to private clients around Europe and the world. Fascinated and constantly driven by the city’s powerful creative ambience, I have been developing my own brand of fashion accessories and interior design items. Over the years I have worked with many brilliant Italian designers and attended numerous exhibitions and fashion events and shows, also as part of the Milan fashion week. I consider myself an aficionada of the urban lifestyle, hence my passion for discovering beautiful hidden treasures around the city. I am passionate about meeting fashionistas and industry enthusiasts from around the globe to introduce them to this magical city and all it has to offer.

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