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Amanda B.

Travel Designer

Hi, my name is Amanda and I am an experience addict.

Luckily my cravings have lead me through many interesting adventures in life so far. I’ve alway been curious about the word, and ever since I was able to go out on my own and explore it, I haven’t stopped. That passion eventually made its way into my career, and I’ve been specializing in curated and custom tours of East Asia for the past 5 years.

I began my worldly pursuits by moving from Canada to China. I poured myself into Chinese culture and even learned conversational mandarin. China opened a whole new world for me, and fuelled my desire to discover more. My love for Asia developed there, and after returning home I became a registered travel expert in Canada. I worked as a lead itinerary creator for a Toronto- based travel company and focused my tours in my favourite places. I travelled to over 30 countries, but after a while my love for Asia could not be contained, and I relocated to HaiPhong, Vietnam.

I’ve been living in Vietnam for the past two years, and I have been completely enchanted by the beauty of its landscape and people. I have been fortunate enough to make friendships with ethnic minority women tucked away in the most beautiful corners of the terraced mountains. For me, the most rewarding travel experiences are the connections and lessons made along the way through meeting the locals. I have had some incredible encounters with people who have surprised me, welcomed me into their traditions, and changed my life. From remote tribes to city hipsters; the world has so much cultural diversity just waiting to be uncovered. 

I am eager to share the rich culture and beauty of Vietnam with fellow women travellers. The best experiences are those shared with like-minded people who are eager to uncover what lies off the beaten path. Women who want to immerse not as tourists, but as travellers. My tours are designed to do just that. I’d also be happy to help you create your own customized tour using my personal contacts and expertise. I hope to welcome you into this magical part of the world!

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