The most romantic and memorable weekend of my life was spent on Capri. This beautiful island in the Gulf of Naples is a little paradise, with breathtaking views, crystal clear sea and colours that enchant you at a glance. Do you want some ideas on what to do and where to eat? 

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Capri, Italy

Il Riccio Restaurant & Beach Club


From Naples and Sorrento, you can reach Capri by ferry or hydrofoil, which docks at the small and colourful port of Marina Grande. From here, enjoy a private transfer to your chosen hotel. If you are staying in Capri Town, you can either use the very convenient funicular railway to reach the upper part of the island.

If you don’t have much time or want to get to Capri in style, Kaoma Travel will organise a magnificent helicopter ride over the Mediterranean Sea for you!

Recharge your batteries at Il Riccio Restaurant & Beach Club, a Michelin-starred restaurant in Anacapri. Believe me, the food here is divine – but it’s also good for the eyes: the blue chairs and tables, the white terrace, the multicoloured kitchen tiles – it’s like living in a dream. Not to mention the dessert room, where I still have in my mind delicacies such as babas, pasticciotti, millefeuille! in short, a paradise for gourmands like me!

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Shopping in Capri Town

La Certosa

Take a stroll around Capri starting from the Piazzetta and the shops and stop in a nice place for an aperitif. If you want to dine in another exclusive and romantic restaurant, you check out Da Paolino, where you eat outside under a pergola of lemons. In my opinion, the cuisine is not the best, but it is so charming that it deserves to be seen. If you are on Capri at the weekend, after dinner you must spend it at the Taverna di Guido Lembo, also known as Anema e Core, the beating heart of the island’s nightlife. If you make it to the table, you might find yourself flanked by artists of the calibre of Beyonce or some other film or sports star. Tip: book early even if only to get in.


Kaoma Travel shopping Italy vacation package luxury

Augusto Gardens

Kaoma Travel shopping Italy vacation package luxury

Capri Town


Sfogliatella and coffee? Yes, please! The best way to start the day before a tour of the island with a traditional Gozzo. Some of the tour highlights include the Faraglioni, called Stella, Faraglione di Mezzo and Faraglione di Fuori, the Bay of Marina Piccola, the Punta Carena Lighthouse and the famous Grotta Azzurra. Entrance is only possible by getting on small rowing boats.

We made the crossing from Capri to the Campania coast and had lunch at La Conca del Sogno in Positano.  I would remind you that you can get close to the shore by boat, but you can only dock with a barge that arrives directly from the restaurant. Of course, getting off the boat and walking up is truly magical; I felt like a film diva from the 1950s. Positano is another beautiful town, thanks also to the colours of the many species of flowers there! Be careful: you can’t go back to Capri if you haven’t had a snack of granita and brioches at Zagara. 

For dinner, reserve a table at Aurora, to taste the pizza all’acqua and the bidone, the pizza stuffed with escarole or Capri’s figs and ham, or the Villa Verde restaurant, which is very chic and specialises in seafood.



Kaoma Travel shopping Italy vacation package luxury

Faraglioni, Capri

Positano, Italy


The third and last day on Capri is dedicated to relaxation and sunbathing. There is nothing better than the Faraglioni, which can be reached on foot, so you will come across Capri’s most characteristic granite kiosk. You’ll be welcomed here by Maria, a friendly lady who prepares the granitas while singing. After a nice walk we arrive at La Fontelina, a luxury beach club, with comfortable sunbeds and striped mattresses and of course, a unique view over the Faraglioni. I couldn’t go swimming because the water was so cold, but I’m also a woman, and I prefer to be a lizard and sit in the sun!



Kaoma Travel shopping Italy vacation package luxury

Shopping in Capri

“Il Riccio Restaurant, Anacapri”

Who doesn’t like ice cream? Try it at Buonocore, in Capri’s centre, a very famous pastry shop that makes unique delicacies. Here you should also try the delicious torta Caprese made with chocolate and almonds.

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